Other Activities

Fine Fair Group is profitable not by banking solely on customers but by effectively utilizing and employing the intersection of its other activities that include farming, manufacturing and engineering.

Farming – Fine Fair Group owns over 500 acres of land that is put to cultivation of cotton, bamboo, and pineapple. The output of these fields is sourced to its textile units that are creating a win-win situation for two of its key businesses – farming and manufacturing.

Manufacturing – Fine fair group operates most of its manufacturing business from its Indian facilities for developing fabrics and garments. The uniqueness of its manufacturing facilities they are not the chemical warehouses. We conduct over 50 lab tests at our facilities. Organic fabric with minimalistic usage of chemicals for beautification is the core differentiation of these facilities from others.

Engineering – Constructions are expressions of nature and scale of activity and Fine Fair Group chose to express them by itself. Engineering division at our group undertook erection of plants that match the scale of operations of all its activities. Engineering division is seen as an enabler function that will add profitability and its growth will be entwined with that of the group.