Fashion & Clothing

Fine Fair Group always wanted to gift the value of the price paid for every garment. The fashion and clothing product range includes brands that connect to whole family or individual age groups. Quality and styling are the vernacular of all the products and brands.

Kair –

Kair offers clothing solution for infants and kids. The brand stands for minimalistic yet high quality clothing for the age group 0-12 years. It also offers special products for mothers-to-be and guardian mothers. The brand started in 2005 and currently operates with headquarters in Dubai, a central hub for world distribution. Kair aims to reach a scale of 200 outlets by 2020 globally and is already set to open its stores in Mena, Asia, South Africa, U.S.A, Italy and U.K.

Kair’s products are manufactured in India at Kair owned factories while few goods are outsourced for specialization.

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Fine Fair Garments –

Fine Fair Garments is flagship value chain retailer of Fine Fair Group. The store offers complete wardrobe solutions for whole family. By offering quality clothing at an affordable price Fine Fair Garments has become a yardstick by which other brands are judged and constantly sets new standards and creates environments that make shopping a pleasure.

Fine Fair Garments has an overseas network that spans UAE, Oman and is currently on expansion route to Brazil and China.

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Rawther –

Rawther is a brand offering contemporary clothing options for men that exemplify quality and genuine value. Launched in 2006, the brand is inroads for international expansion. The brand is constantly exploring new possibilities in styles, fabrics, manufacturing methods and quality standards. The demand for the brand is ever growing. Despite this mass-market ascendancy, Rawther is still designed as a creative, personal fashion statement.

Global design studio –

Fine Fiar Group’s coveted global design studio ‘Kair Italy SRL’ will provide design services to Fine Fair Group’s brands from the global fashion capital – Florence, Italy. The studio is poised to lend design services to brands outside Fine Fair Group too. The studio will offer great value addition to fashion brands by leveraging the proximity and entice of Italy’s fashion spirit.

Mumtaz –

Mumtaz is your every day and everywhere go-to. No matter who you are, where you’re from and what you’re up to, Mumtaz is here for you, serving up exclusive designs, the latest trends, and in all our fit ranges. Mumtaz diverse collection of basics, trousers, dresses and sportswear. Latest on-trend dresses ranging from shirt dresses, wrap dresses and hundreds of affordable styles!