Chairman’s Message


I feel that all life is of purpose and each human makes a difference to the world. Everyone brings some special spark to the world. What is missing, though, is the route that can bring out the best of a traveler, the cut that brings out the luster of a stone or the craft that designs the best out of the fabric. And that’s where I got my purpose from. My reason to start Fine Fair group was simple – to weave an organization that would be focused on betterment in every aspect. And, truly, Fine Fair group does that.

Having started modestly in the year 1998, the company today is a globally renowned name that is associated with two distinguishing factors viz. care and quality. Since its incorporation Fine Fair group has been working towards green innovation. Given our reach we have made a significant impact on the world markets owing to our green ideology. We are pleased to say that we work with and work on those projects that are non-hazardous to the environment.

Adding sustainability to all that we do completes the many efforts that we put in as a team towards customer satisfaction. Our vision clearly puts forth the idea that we would like to spin threads of sustainability for many generations to come. Our achievements have done us proud but we are also aware of the responsibility resting on our shoulder. Being socially responsible citizens we will keep serving the society in as many ways as possible.

Strategic diversification – as far as our expansion and growth strategy is concerned, we are rapidly stepping in to various parts of the world. South Africa, Asia, the U.S. and the U.K are some global fashion markets that we are eyeing. After Milan, reaching out to Paris is also on our expansion platter. We aspired to further push the borders and so are today in to Garment Manufacturing, Fashion Retailing, Travel, Lifestyle, Farming, and Engineering.

At the core of Fine Fair Group lie the values of indispensible trust and commitment which reinforce our cultural strength. The loyalty that our employees and customers have ushered towards us is extremely humbling. It has been a sheer delight for us to find out that our employees are not only working with the concepts that we propagate but are also living with them.

Fine Fair Group has been doing its bit by exhibiting commitment and responsibility towards employee development. We have been able to develop a culture of enthusiasm, motivation, sharing and freedom.

I wish everyone a joyous experience with Fine Fair Group and will be obliged to listen to you. Should you feel the need to get in touch or have any query, I am at your service. Please feel free to write to me at

“When you see it in the mind, you build it on the ground!”