Privacy Policy

Fine Fair Group ensures that at each and every step that your privacy is safeguarded. We have, therefore, devised a set of privacy rules and principles that govern our corporate website as well as secure customer as well as user information. It determines how the customer/user data will be processed and secured.

Please note that the set of rules and terms that have been mentioned under our privacy policy governs only our corporate website. A separate set of privacy policy has been formulated for our brands.

Personal Data Security
At Fine Fair Group, the personal details of all those who visit our website are kept strictly confidential and secure. We also hold ourselves responsible for all personal information that has been submitted to us, through and on our website. If required, we may collect personal information from you such as your name, address (e-mail and postal), phone number, age etc. in case you file for a membership with us or have, at some point or the other, applied for a job with Fine Fair Group on our web portal. Your personal information is used and accessed only in case you require any service from us. The data come handy at times when we need to contact you through phone, send you some information through an e-mail etc.

Information Sharing
Customer and user personal information is not used and shared for any personal interest or otherwise. We do not share your personal information with third-parties. Since it is essential for our processes to work closely with service providers who assist us in database management, information does get shared with these parties. However, these parties do not make any further use of your information.

How we protect user info
There are several ways and processes by which we safeguard your information. Here we list how these help keep a check on user info:

Cookies & Pixel Tags
A cookie is a tiny data file that gets stored on your computer’s hard drive when you have accessed a website. At Fine Fair Group, we make limited use of cookies and also do not store personally identifiable information in your cookie. Apart from that, smart usage of pixel tags that are also often known as ‘clear gifs’ help us analyse user’s online behaviour. It is through pixel tags that we gain access to most of your information including your IP address, number of visits that you have made to our site and also to others and a lot of other technical information about your computer.
Things that we would like you to know
There are a lot of things that the general masses are not aware off and therefore we would like to acquaint you with a few that will help you out in some way or the other.

‘Phishing’, what is it?
When your online information and data is tempered or stolen, then the scam or act is known as phishing. All you need to remember is if you receive any information from us through a mail and you are not sure about its validity then it would be wise to verify from us its validity and accuracy.

What are links and what is their use?
Our website may contain links of other websites. Links basically help you access information at or about other things on the Internet. There may be links to other websites on ours, which is beyond our control. We are not responsible for any kind of fraud or integrity issues that arise on the websites to which links have been given.

Our copyright
All information published on our websites including the images, text, designs as well as graphics is owned by us and our affiliates. The entire information is protected by our copyrights, the infringement of which can lead to legal action being taken.